When push comes to shove, build a new site.

REDESIGN 1st October

It's been one hell of a week. But sometimes the only way to get on with that one thing you have been putting off for a while, which you just can't quite push yourself to do, is to get shoved. They're unexpected. They're mentally draining. And it can cause pain.

But on the flip side, this week has shoved myself so hard, that in three nights i've designed, coding and populated this new site. Which quite frankly I didn't think was achieveable. The code is definitely spaghetti in some places, the design needs some tweaks - and I actually need to hook up the components & CMS properly (whoops) - but i've got this starting point.

Over the next few days, weeks and months I will noodle away and iterate - whilst hopefully keeping a log of it all here in writing.

Just remember, when you get shoved into a corner, then you discover you're real worth and the people around you that you can rely on. It can become positive, if you let it.